Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Latest (J)IDE

- or how to move to the dark side a day in advance

Star Wars - The Last Jedi has premier tomorrow the 13th December (at least here in Denmark), but some of us can already move to the dark side today - since the new update 2 of RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo has just been released.

I am referring to the build-in Dark IDE Theme in 10.2.2 - no need to install DIC (Delphi IDE Colorizer) anymore.

It is a pleasant visual update of the IDE, together with the redesigned icons and installer appearance.

The Welcome page has been added some actual value - with upcoming events and videos from the Embarcadero YouTube channel, which will help direct users to some of the great content often presented in webinars and their replays.

I often register and watch these - even if I initially believe that I can't learn anything new on the given subject - but just watching others write code and seeing their solutions - is always great and gives ideas and perspective.

And I am sure that David Millington and the other Product Managers are keen to improve the IDE even more in the future - both visually and productivity-wise.

According to the "Whats New" much effort has been put into Quality, Performance and Stability of the product - let us cross our fingers that this is also the case and more to come.

Some new VCL controls where added - which have their samples found via GetIt, and various other goodies.

There is a new TDataSet JSON writer, and a free license of RAD Server is included in the Enterprise/Architect versions.

So even if it is just an "update", uninstall and reinstall is needed - but since the GetIt installer and settings are preserved, that is a minor issue - and depending on your bandwidth mileage it only takes 5-15 minutes (depending on number of platforms that are installed).

Official post here; https://community.embarcadero.com/blogs/entry/rad-studio-10-2-2-released-today

Enjoy the Dark Side on all screens ;)

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