Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The Old Vic

- or hopefully adding a nostalgic sample to a nice project.

This is actually short tribute to the work of someone else - I did just add a bit of "older" stuff.

A few days back Dennis D. Spreen posted a really nice post: MOS6502-delphi – a MOS 6502 CPU emulator for Delphi - if you haven't seen it already, check it out.

UPDATE: I did actually get the key matrix correct the day after - and submitted code to Dennis' GitHub where it is now included:

And since my first own computer was a VIC-20, which was 6502 based - the info he provided did trigger my interest - he even did provide a simple nice C64 emulation.

So I thought lets give this a test-run and add a basic VIC-20 emulation to the project - with the help of an old copy of "Mapping the VIC" by Russ Davies and the Internet.

The book was actually the only thing that had missed-out on the donation of all my old 8-bit stuff like a VIC-20 and an Enterprise 128 (best and coolest 8-bit ever) to a now gone "computer" museum - that and the reset button for the Enterprise.

A couple of stressful and frustrating hours later - spend on not getting the various addr changes and key matrix correct - I finally succeed good enough - ending up with a 3K extended version without the "-key mapped :) (That key is vital if you want to print some strings :D)

I will probably figure it out when I give it an extra shot - and then see if it is okay to add to Dennis' GitHub repository along with his C64 sample.

Anyway enjoy :)

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