Thursday, 9 April 2015

Unofficial JEDI JCL and JVCL patch for Delphi XE8

- and honorable mentioning of the new GetIt package manager in XE8.

Update 21. September 2015: Delphi 10 Seattle now has JCL and JVCL available in GetIt.

Update 10. April 2015: Seems like a proper official update is being done - activity on GitHub - Thanks :-) - so ignore my patch files. So I don't have to roll up my sleves during the weekend to do a proper job. EMBT has expressed interest in getting the JVCL into the GetIt package manager.

I was in the process of mixing together a small mock-up – using VirtualTreeView and some JEDI VCL components in XE7, when I couldn't resist the urge to install XE8 on that machine – since there are many of the new features I wanted badly.