Saturday, 12 August 2017

Why I keep preferring Delphi

- or why are we still discussion this - get updated.

There has been a trend in the various discussions that popup on the internet or in real life - that Delphi and the ObjectPascal language is mentioned in past tense. Which indicates to me that those who do that, have either not paid attention or are just simply ignorant on facts. Which also seems to be a trend in politics - that relates to the facts - not Delphi :D

The most recent version of Delphi/C++ Builder/RAD Studio - version 10.2.1, was just released a few days back - which I would not qualify for talking about Delphi in past tense in general.

But a thing that is very common in the long discussions I bothered to read - is that almost everyone says something in the lines of:
- "Oh I also remember doing my first program in Delphi - great times"
- "I really enjoyed programming (with Delphi) - I miss those days"
- "In those days programming was fun."
- "The best tool to create Windows desktop applications - period. Miss it."

..and the list goes on - oozing of nostalgia, longing, the fun and the enjoyment and productivity everyone had "back in the days" - well these days are not gone for those of us that kept around using the language and tools we preferred.

That is also the reason why Delphi is my preferred tool: Fun, readability, fun, productivity, multi-platform, performance, fun and enables me to get things done faster.