Thursday, 9 September 2021

My favorite %11 new things in Delphi 11 Alexandria

- or all things "eleven", watch out for dialects.

With the public release of Delphi 11 (and RADStudio and C++Builder) today, I would like to share my %11 initial favorites in the new release.

%01. Styled Form designer

Together with the IDE HighDPI support, it is great that the gap between the running UI and the UI while designing has been reduced, and keeps in my opinion Delphi IDEs the best to design visual applications - whether it is on desktop OSs or mobile OSs.

%10. HTTP/2 support

I am looking forward to start experimenting with this, and see how much benefit and performance it will give when taking advantage of fully.

%11. Remote Desktop Support improvement

In this world where more people are coming to their senses, and wish to work remotely, focus on improving the IDE experience with remote connection is nice. And the things done can also benefit the applications build.

But there are many other things that not even a list of $11 things would cover it, and I am really looking forward to also experience to the various optimizations and running the IDE in HighDPI on my old Surface Pro.

Go EMBT :)

There is one slightly annoying thing that might split the Delphi community - adding to the list of:

- Is Delphi pronounced /del·fai/ or /del·fee/?

- Does "then begin" go on together on the same line?

- FreeAndNil?

and now this to split the community further and create fractions:

Well the above was just an excuse for me to include that funny Scottish sketch - no harm done I hope.

BTW: If you wonder about the % prefix - the it is the prefix for binary literals adding in Delphi 11.