Monday, 21 April 2014

Fun with Delphi XE6 App tethering and barcodes

Updated: Removed broken GDrive links, now linking to old GitHub repo.

One of the new key features in XE6 is what Embarcadero has chosen to call App Tethering components - the only problem I initially had with the name was that it implied that mobile had to be involved in some way - which is not the case. You can make a windows service that is a "receiver" from a desktop application running on the same sub-net.

An example could be POS systems, running on various devices talking to the same receiver - without bothering about implementing multiple communications protocols - these components all wraps this up nicely.

I wanted to give these new component a try, by making a very simple barcode scanner using my phone as the barcode scanner and then have the receiver send the barcode to whatever application was active.

A word of warning: this is a prof of concept - not ready for production or deployment - you need to do some work yourself to make it fit your needs. I have tried to use as little code as possible - leaving out all exception handling :-).

Sunday, 20 April 2014

How to upload data from Growatt inverter to using a Raspberry Pi.

Updated: 16-07-2019 - referring to updated files on

Uploading data from your solar inverter to a site like can have have the benefit of letting you monitor your power output from anywhere, comparing data with other systems around the world from various other vendors or just simply to keep track.

I have prepared a walk-through on how to use a Raspberry Pi to upload your Growatt inverter data together with weather data to More technical skilled people might find this guide too detailed - they are welcome to grab the goodies at the end or ignore the whole thing :-)

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Like a lot of other people I do have some things on my mind I think others could benefit from knowing, or they could point me to an even better solution than the ones I present here - because I am sure there is.

I have over the years been using a number of computer languages - but the majority of the time it has been the Delphi dialect of Object Pascal - so expect that to show in the posts.