Thursday, 29 December 2016

Setting up SUSE Linux Enterprise Server/openSUSE Server for the Delphi on Linux Beta

- or how-to setup PAServer on Linux.

Jim McKeeth mentions in his first part of getting ready to Delphi on Linux Beta, that you can use either Red Hat/Fedora or Ubuntu - and follows up in part 2 to show how-to setup Ubuntu Server - Malcolm Groves then supplements this with the needed setup for Fedora Server.

Even if the two distributions mentioned above seems to be the officially supported - there should not be any reason for not using your AMD64/Intel64 Linux distribution of choice. Since popularity can be based on region and industry - I think it is also relevant to mention SUSE and plain Debian.

I will supplement here with the steps needed for the SUSE variants, and installation of the PAServer on Linux.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Running Delphi applications on Raspberry Pi 3

..using RTAndroid 7.1 on RPi3 using ADB over network.

Update: RTAndroid has now become emteria.OS at

Embarcadero has Linux (console) applications on their roadmap - but that is for AMD64 (x64 - see comments) only - read more about the product roadmap here.

Despite the above I did get my Delphi application running on the RPi 3 B hardware - read below: