Thursday, 18 June 2020

D&D in Delphi source code?

- or does your device support Phone, Tablet or Elf?!

While looking through some of the RTL source code, in the quest for the "Tablet" mode (see my previous post from yesterday) - I stumbled upon the TDeviceInfo.TDeviceClass enum.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

A cure for Win10 in Tablet mode

- or how to detect tablet mode in Windows 10 from Delphi.

Sorry about the cure-tablet pun, but Windows 10 is not able yet to enter Pill mode.

This small post is actually also about wrapping Win10 SDK apis, that might not have been fully implemented as Delphi classes/interfaces or are missing because of their little use - which incidentally is that ones I often miss.

I was getting a bit frustrated refactoring some old code, and thought that it would be fun to add a Windows 10 feature to the project instead - and since I was sitting on an old Surface - I could switch that into "Tablet" mode.