Thursday, 17 April 2014


Like a lot of other people I do have some things on my mind I think others could benefit from knowing, or they could point me to an even better solution than the ones I present here - because I am sure there is.

I have over the years been using a number of computer languages - but the majority of the time it has been the Delphi dialect of Object Pascal - so expect that to show in the posts.

Please do not start any discussion on whether one language it better than the other - that would be like arguing if Swedish is better that Greek - I might myself fall into that trap.

Talking about language - you can probably by now see that English is not my native tongue, but bear with me - even if a post in my native tongue shows up - it would probably be a rant about something - so no loss of knowledge there :-)

The intention of this blog was also to document some of the various "fixes" I have done by code, which I often spend more time digging out of my memory, when people asks how to do this and that, than it took implementing them.

So these are some of things that I intent to make a post about:

  • Growatt Inverters, Raspberry Pi and
  • Legacy systems and the unicode world
  • Unsupported AppLocale, and what to do
  • EU and Bufferbloat rant
  • Plex and 0-byte files
  • OCES-II from Delphi
  • Find next in TClientDataSet - and maybe FDMemTable?
  • Size of executable, should we care?
  • Fun with Delphi XE6 app tethering
  • ....
Well if someone has read this far and has a preference of order for some of the post topics mentioned - leave a comment.

Happy Easter

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