Saturday, 31 October 2020

Not exactly Kierkegaard - pun intended

- or the books on Delphi keep coming.

Well the pun in the title would probably need a bit of explaining, so the reference is to Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) - the Danish philosopher, theologian, poet, social critic and religious author who is widely considered to be the first existentialist philosopher - but his surname is also pronounced as the Danish word for graveyard or churchyard.

I sometimes still hear people say, that nothing is happening in relation to Delphi in general or more specific in the Delphi book area - but that is not true.

It might have been many years since a Danish book on Delphi was published - but there where many in the early days - I had only 2 of the 15-16 published, all the rest I had were in English. So the scene for Danish Delphi books does feel like a "kirkegård".

And it is all my fault - I do prefer my technical books (and my software) in English, and I am sure most Danish developers feel the same.

But when you look at the number of English books that has been published the last couple of years - the technical quality, the passion, level of detail and diversity of topics matches greatly what also has been going on in the rest of the Delphi community - if you haven't noticed you might be looking in the wrong places.

Fellow Embarcadero MVP Patrick Prémartin has started to setup a nice site called - some books still need to be added at the time of writing this. - no books in the Danish section yet - but covers are scanned. Update: Patrick has uploaded the info and covers I provided him with - and also published an extensive open-data API for the site.

I know Patrick has grouping by "year published" on his to-do list, that will help indicate how much great content has been published in traditional book form the latest years - so a big thanks to all the authors and publishers - for keep doing this non-trivial task of writing books.

It is almost 30 years since I co-authored two books on Paradox DOS - in Danish and just prior to Paradox Windows was launched - they were not bestsellers btw 😁. But I still remember the tolls it took on everyone, and still surprised that my then to-be-my wife, stayed.

/Enjoy some of these great books.

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